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24 months warranty*

Repair of SolarMax inverters starting from 10kW

Repair and service for SolarMax string inverters and central inverters

The SolarMax Group was founded in June 2015 in Ellzee, Bavaria. The company develops, produces and sells string and central inverters for grid-connected solar power systems and storage systems, as well as accessories and solutions for system monitoring. Here an experienced team of experts works on innovative inverters and storage solutions for efficient and sustainable use of solar energy. The SolarMax inverter product range is divided into different series for different requirements. In our portfolio you will find string inverters of the SMT series, SHT series, SP series, C series, P series, S series, MT series, TP series as well as central inverters of the C series, S. Series, HT series, TS series and the RX series.

Complete product overhaul for SolarMax solar inverters

With the repair of SolarMax solar inverters, problems and error messages with SolarMax inverters are not only identified by us, but also resolved in the form of a complete product overhaul of your SolarMax photovoltaic inverter. The technical expertise and service competence of our company is based on decades of repair experience in the field of maintenance of industrial electronics, in which BVS Electronics GmbH is one of the industry leaders.

Comprehensive services for SolarMax inverters with a 24-month warranty*

The product overhaul and repair of SolarMax solar inverters provides that not only defective components are replaced or repaired, but the entire inverter is subjected to a comprehensive product overhaul. You send us your defective SolarMax inverter and you will receive it back in an overhauled condition.

You can inquire about all BVS services directly and without obligation via our BVS online shop - our team will then get back to you as soon as possible and make you an offer. You receive a 24-month warranty * for the services mentioned. We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, we are available around the clock at +49 6181 95404-200.

Repair of SolarMax inverters starting from 10kW